About Jaimée

Jaimée: Nurturing Your Sweet Side

I've been a pastry chef for over 20 years now. You've seen me at Guillaume Bakery as a creative kitchen manager or at Park Restaurant as a pastry chef. I have owned small restaurants and a café, I have taught various types of cooking classes, and today I am proposing this new project: Jaimée.

Jaimée is a specialized line of English-inspired pastries and artisanal confections with a retro look and inspired by a floral universe. I choose local and healthy ingredients to nourish your body while seeking to delight your taste buds and awaken your spirit with updated flavors.

Jaimée : Culinary Connectivity

My culinary journey’s richness and my creative evolution is fueled by a constant personal philosophical research. I seek to offer a cuisine that is respectful of my roots and my present environment, attentive to what surrounds me and sensitive to the harmony between the needs of the body and the spirit. I seek to ensure culinary connectivity on all levels in order to convey and bring together my personal, social and ecological values.It is through this dynamic and living commitment that Jaimée's cuisine is born.To be discovered at the Sweet Shoppe.

Jaimée: A Symbiotic Project

These motivations push me to share my kitchen in order to put forward the culinary work of various minorities who may face social and economic challenges. My lively and inclusive kitchen hosts events related to fundraising, culinary education workshops or any other dynamic project in line with my mission: to cultivate a global well-being but also community through food sharing. To be discovered at the Work Shoppe.