Points of Sale

Points of Sale | Products from Jaimée's Sweet Shoppe

Lufa Farms

This summer, find our exquisite marshmallows on Lufa Farm's Markets!



Are you visiting St-Sauveur? Go to Magnolia to treat yourself: accompany your flowers with Jaimée's Sweets, the perfect duo! You'll find my delicious Rose Shortbread Cookies.


Café Rico

Our delicious cookies meet the best coffee in town.  Visit Café Rico on Mont-Royal and enjoy this lovely coffee / cake duo.


Boulangerie Guillaume

Between two baguettes and a ciabatta, you'll find my marshees and caramels.  On St-Laurent boulevard in the Mile end; don't miss them


[arrivage] humains + territoires + saisons

For B2B orders, we are on [arrivage]! Jaimée is proud to be part of a community of professionals building a more local, humane and responsible food system for the future of generations to come.