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In my workshop / factory / shop located on the premises of URSA, I am part of a committed community, with an artistic vocation, and I wish to contribute to culinary education and social development by sharing my workshop.

I want to work with people who want to enrich their knowledge in the field of pastry and promote social integration. Cooking and sharing , two values ​​that are essential for me.

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Kitchen rental

Rent my fully equipped kitchen and all you have to do is bring your ingredients! Thank you for taking care of your compost and recycling, all facilities are available on site.

Pop-Up Events

Pop-up restaurant, fashion brand launch or other, our shop is fully convertible!

Take advantage of our 1000 sq ft (100m2) space to showcase your talent.

Online or in-person workshops (post-COVID)

Make your culinary workshop from my kitchen!

Need a camera or kitchen equipment? We have everything you need on site.

Minimum number of participants: 5 people

Community kitchen

Provide a socio-economic opportunity for underrepresented groups.

Please write to me directly so that your organization benefits from advantageous pricing.

Help me support our community!

Collection of food donations from local grocery stores, dinners to raise funds to help local organizations... your committed project is mine!

Write to me!

Please tell me in the "Message" box the nature of your project, the name of your organization and the allocated budget. See you soon!

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