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Children for Ukraine

Our children have asked a lot of questions to try to understand what is happening in Ukraine, and they want to play a role in helping the children who live there.

Miles, Nessa, Anouk and Vivian (all 6 years old) will bake and sell Ukrainian treats as part of a fundraiser, with the help of Marie-josée, Jaimee's pastry chef.

We invite you to come in solidarity and remind yourself and our children that simple acts of kindness and care have transformative potential. They help us pull ourselves together, celebrate different cultures and their resilience, and allow us to contribute in some way to alleviating suffering.

You can pre-order your Cottage Cheese Cookies and Berlin Apple Sponge by Thursday, March 10 and pick them up Sunday, March 13 between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. at URSA Mtl, 5589 Park Ave.

All proceeds will go to the Voices of Children Foundation, an organization that provides uninterrupted assistance to affected children and families across Ukraine, providing them with emergency psychological assistance and assisting them in the evacuation process. .

Order now, in support of Children for Ukraine.

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